Boys Learn How To Pee Standing Up With SNIPEE®

Check out the SNIPEE video below to learn how to teach boys to pee in the toilet without a mess


How to Potty Train a Boy By Using SNIPEE

STEP 1:  Give your son a potty target. Help him throw a potty target into the toilet water.

STEP 2:  Give your son a SNIPEE.

STEP 3:  Make a big deal out of it, by clapping your hands or even singing a potty song.

STEP 4:  Make sure that your son places the SNIPEE correctly. Small opening is aimed towards the toilet water.

STEP 5:   Tell your son to aim at the pirate ship.

STEP 6:  Throw the SNIPEE into the trash.

STEP 7:  Flush the potty target down.

*Parents must always supervise children during potty training boys.