Portable Potty Training For Boys Sniper+Pee =

Portable Potty Training For Boys Sniper+Pee =

Portable Potty Training For Boys Sniper+Pee =Portable Potty Training For Boys Sniper+Pee =Portable Potty Training For Boys Sniper+Pee =

SNIPEE® is a disposable tool, used to teach boys how to Pee standing up, while keeping their hands and your bathroom clean.

Potty Training Boys Snipee 10 Day Starter Package

What does SNIPEE® represent?


Use and toss - disposable potty training - SNIPEE® is disposable and keeps little hands clean.

SNIPEE® is disposable and keeps little hands clean.



SNIPEE® is an elegant solution for keeping the bathroom clean.


Teaching Your Boy to Urinate in the Toilet Standing Up. intuitive potty training - Simple to use. Parents & little boys  use it correctly right away.

Simple to use. Parents & little boys  use it correctly right away.



Affordable, portable and disposable. Starting at  $9.95 for 10 days supply.


The most entertaining way to teach boys to pee in the toilet without making a mess - Colorful, engaging and exciting.

Colorful, engaging and exciting. Boys want to go potty.


Boys feel empowered and happy to use SNIPEE®. Boys love earning their SNIPEE® champ stickers after successful bathroom peeing adventures. They are colorful, engaging and exciting achievements.

Developmentally rewarding with SNIPEE® CHAMP stickers.

Teach Boys To Pee In The Toilet Standing Up Without A Mess

Potty training boys with SNIPEE® makes it fun to teach toilet training standing up. Toilet train your boys with SNIPEE®


SNIPEE® started with a little boy named Conor

Conor was excited about becoming pre-school ready. That included going potty all by himself. After every visit to the bathroom, we were cleaning, not just the toilet, but also the floors and walls. That's how SNIPEE® was born (SNIPER+PEE). The first component directs the urine into the toilet (even at night, when Conor is half asleep and using the bathroom), while the potty target keeps him entertained and wanting to go potty. In fact, all three images on our potty targets came from Conor's nightmares. He was dreaming about bad green aliens, evil submarines and mean pirates. After peeing on them daily, he is no longer afraid of any "bad guys". The stickers, which are the third component in  SNIPEE®, mean a lot to Conor. He wears them proudly after every successful bathroom visit and hands them to "successful potty visitors".

Stress-Free Potty Training

SNIPEE is a disposable toilet training kit, that makes it easy for boys, as young as 18 months, to go potty standing up and be diaper-free. Toddler Boys take much longer to potty train. They love their newly found freedom and end up peeing on everything: the walls, the floor, the toilet seat, etc. As a result, many parents spend valuable time, cleaning the bathroom and their child, after every bathroom adventure. SNIPEE® helps boys pee independently, while keeping the bathroom clean. SNIPEE® is small and can be carried discreetly to the bathroom, unlike a portable toilet seat or a diaper changing bag. SNIPEE® keeps boys’ hands clean, and anything else that they would normally touch after using the restroom. SNIPEE® was invented with safety in mind. Its design and composition will keep little boys from getting a rash, poking their eyes, or getting paper cuts while using it. It’s easy to hold, and has a durable design for inexperienced users.

Developmental Advantages

Some children are ready to start toilet training at two years old, while others will get anxious about using the toilet in case it all ‘goes wrong’. Little boys love their independence, and peeing in their training pants will not allow them to master this much needed skill. In fact, being preschool ready on time is parents’ top priority. It’s important that children accomplish this (ability to go potty) correctly, without their parents intrusive interference. SNIPEE® is disposable and makes it easy and fun for little boys to go pee-pee in the potty without an accident.

Doing Our Part For Mother Earth

We look out for all mothers, and Mother Earth is no different. An average child uses 1000’s of diapers in their lifetime. Discarded disposable diapers make up 15% of landfill sites, and takes approximately 450 years to decompose. SNIPEE® could reduce that burden by 25%. Boys wet their diapers 10-20 times a day, vs soiling their diapers only 1-3 times a day. Our landfills and wallets will soon feel some relief, all thanks to SNIPEE®.

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